Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Sunday

Mosaic of the Resurrected Christ, in Ravenna, Italy (526 AD).

Join us this Easter Sunday (April 20th) as we explore one of the most significant claims in Christianity - Christ's Resurrection! For nearly two millennia, followers of Jesus from all over globe have radically reoriented their lives around this particular Sunday. What's the big deal? Come see for yourself.

We meet on Sunday at 10 AM in the Missoula Children's Theatre Lobby (200 N. Adams). There's coffee and hot cross buns beforehand at 9:30 AM. The service itself will last about an hour and a half. Together, we'll read, sing pray, and ponder. There's a nursery space and children's worship for kids 5 and under.

Whether you are a longtime follower of Jesus, or simply someone who's spiritually curious, we'd love to have you explore faith with us!

We'll have an Easter Egg Hunt for children and a Potluck Lunch at Ryan & Rachel's (2704 Emery Place ~ 529-2468). after the service! We hope you will join us!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good Friday Service

If Good Friday is the day when Christians remember Jesus' brutal death on a Roman cross, how could it possibly be considered "good"? And why on earth would we celebrate it? Great questions! Why not explore them together with us?

We invite you to join us for a dark-yet-beautiful glimpse into one of the oldest of Christian traditions Friday, April 18th at 7:30 PM as we gather to celebrate a very special Good Friday service in the lobby of the Missoula Children's Theatre (200 N Adams).

The service will be somber and reflective, yet deeply optimistic and hopeful. Regardless of your spiritual convictions (or lack thereof), this is a great chance to work on your own spirituality by considering the claims of Christianity in regard to this seminal moment in human history. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekly Events!

It's Passion Week here at All Souls Missoula! There are lots of ways for you to participate in Christianity's most sacred week of the year...

Ways to Connect – Special Events and things to take note of...

  • Good Friday Service Friday, April 18th @ 7:30 PM in the MCT Lobby. How can the day in which Jesus was hung on a Roman cross be considered good​? Come join us for a somber and contemplative service where we consider the meaning of this most heinous event in history. Kids are welcome to join (but no children's worship provided).
  • Easter Sunday - April 20th @ 10 AM (hot cross buns, coffee, and refreshments @ 9:30 AM) in the MCT Lobby. Join us after worship for an Easter egg hunt for the kids and a potluck lunch at the Sutherlands [2704 Emery Pl].
Loving the City – Ways to get involve and serve in and around Missoula...
  • Imagine Missoula - A grassroots non-profit that All Souls helped start to meet real needs within the city. We're always looking for volunteers to do things for those whose community is thin (single moms, elderly, etc.). Contact Nina (546-4697) to get involved!​​​​
    • Needs Upcoming - Homeless family with 3 kids finally has a home! We need 6-8 folks to empty three 10' x 20' storage units and take the items to the new place. It's a big job, but so worth it to get them into a home! Mom, Christy, needs to have major surgery in Seattle next week, so we are going to try to get this done anytime from 4/15 in the afternoon on. Ask a friend to help bring joy and hope to this lovely family.
  • 11th Annual Clark Fork River Cleanup - Saturday, April 19th @ 10 AM - 2 PM - Meet at Caras Park at ten to love our city! We will be cleaning a portion of the Clark Fork River so come prepared for anything! Contact Naomi [552-5883] if you are interested. Families are encouraged to come and serve together!
  • 22nd Annual Garden City Brewfest - Saturday, May 3 @ 12-8 PM - We need 10-12 volunteers to help clean up Caras Park after the Brewfest! The first 10 volunteers can also pour beer during the second shift (4-8 PM). Please contact Ryan (529-2468) ASAP if you'd like to help out. Volunteers receive free entry, T-shirt, and glass
Exploring All Souls – Weekly things we do where you can get to know us better...

Sunday Worship – Sundays @ 10 AM in the MCT [map] Community Room (3rd Floor - Please use entrance on Broadway and Adams). Whether you're a follower of Christ or someone who is skeptical, this is a great chance to experience Christian worship and wrestle with the claims of Jesus. Kid friendly, biblical, with a casual yet reverent atmosphere. This spring we’ll be studying the book of Hebrews looking at “the Supremacy of Christ: An Overview of the Old Testament.” Come learn how Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament Scriptures!​

Gathering Points - One of our core values is community and the only way most of us can get out of our busyness and make room to embody this value is by intentionally finding ways to gather with others. Sometimes these gathering points are formal (like a small group) and other times they are more informal (coffee, hikes, lunches). Here are some of the gathering points where you can connect this week...​
  • Small Groups - One of the best ways to connect deeper at All Souls. ​These are smaller (more formal and regular) groups of 8-12 people who share a meal, discuss Scripture, and pray. These are a great way to connect to God by living life in community with others. 
    • Westside Group – A group focused on reading Scripture together and building friendships. Leaders: Beau (531-9092) & Esther (531-9089) McBryde. Tuesdays @ 6 PM at Beau & Esther McBryde's [1219 Howell St.].​​​
    • "When Helping Hurts" Group – A group currently focused on studying how to offer real mercy to real people in need without enabling. Leaders: Ryan Sutherland (529-2468) & Ric Hauer (250-9900). Tuesdays @ 7 PM at Nick & Jill Taber's ​[3322 Hollis ~ Nick: 370-0648 | Jill: 490-5216].
    • Money, Purpose & Delight – A group focused on learning to think Biblically about all of God's gifts. This group will include some real practical ways to live differently with regards to your money! ​Leaders: Joe (396-6372) & Nancy (552-7693) Kesler. Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM at Chad & Fenesa Dilworth's ​[2124 Burlington Ave].
    • All Souls 101 – A group geared for newer folks to learn more about what makes All Souls tick (what we believe... our mission to the city... the skeletons in our closet... how we spend our money... membership... etc.). Thursdays @ 6 PM at Ryan & Rachel Sutherland's ​[2704 Emery Place].
    • Women's "Weekday" Group – A group for women focused on learning to apply the gospel to the issues of life. This week we'll be kicking off a new study, Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands. ​Leader: Rachel (529-2467). Kids are welcome! Fridays @ 10:00 AM at Rachel Sutherland's ​[2704 Emery Place].
  • Social Gatherings - these are more informal ways to connect socially with others to build relationships!
    • Men's Coffee Hour – A great way for men to start your day with other men. Fridays from 6–8 AM at Jon Lewis' [1400 Burns St. #8]​
    • Fiesta Fridays – No Fiesta this Friday due to the Good Friday service.
    • Women's Coffee and Prayer Hour – Come share good coffee, conversation and prayer at the Break Espresso on Wednesday's @ 7:30–8:30 AM. Contact Jess Folmar (552-5297).
Have questions about All Souls? Want to get together over coffee, lunch or a beer? Contact Ryan (529-2468).

See you soon!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jesus and the Den of Robbers (Matthew 21:1-22)

Jesus' triumphal entry has a hue shadow cast upon it by two other events that happen immediately after - the cleansing of the Temple and the cursing of the fig tree. What do these three things have in common and why does Jesus enact these two curses at this climactic moment? [Ryan Sutherland]

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, this sermon was not recorded. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Confidence for Your Calling (Hebrews 10:19-39)

This week we get to hear from the Rev. Jason Barrie from our sister church, Rocky Mountain Community, in Billings. Jason continues our series in Hebrews. [Jason Barrie]