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Our City


Missoula is home to nearly 70,000 people. We are currently the second largest city in Montana and one of the state’s fastest growing regions. Missoula is nestled in a valley, surrounded by mountains and rivers, and recreation opportunities abound in the area.

As a University town, Missoula boasts an extremely well-educated population. Over 96% of Missoulians have completed high school and an astounding 50% have also earned a Bachelor's degree. Almost 20% of the population has a graduate or professional degree. Yet, the median household income is barely $42,000 and it’s not uncommon to learn that your barista or bartender has a PhD. 

Missoula also has the highest homeless population of any Montana city - sometimes described as "poverty with a view". A prominent University professor commented that Missoula has far more influence on western culture  than a city this size should have.

Missoula is gloriously difficult to describe and can only be understood by planting yourself within the city and engaging with it - firsthand. All of these unique dynamics make it an incredible place, especially for a church that seeks to love it.