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Instructions For Future Editors

Add a Sermon Series Image:
Add the image you want to use for a sermon series. Once the images is uploaded, change the caption options to "do not display caption." Then, click "edit." Once the edit screen has popped up with the image, clicl "Text." Change the font to EB Garamond. That's the font used in all the images. Click apply and save and you are good to go! (Sidenote: Once you have a 'Not Linked' Sermon Series Page, you want to double click on the Sermon Series Image you just uploaded. Then, click on "Clickthrough URL. Click on "Content" and find the page. Hit Save and now when people click the image it will go to the unlinked page with the sermons.)

To Add A Sermon:
Go to the "Not Linked" Pages at the bottom of the pages. Click on the sermon series of your choice. In the edit page, add a new "Audio." Then, upload the mp3 from your computer. If it doesn't already, add the number of the sermon in the series followed by the name of the sermon | scripture. Then put the name of the person who preached | date of sermon. It should look something like this:

4. The King's Power | Mark 4:1-7
Ryan Sutherland | October 7, 2014

In the same pop-up window, go to "Design." You want to do two things here: 1) Click the option to show download link. 2) Change the player color to Light from Dark. Save everything and you're done! 

To Add A New Sermon Series Page (this process has changed and needs updated):

To Add An Article, Article Image, etc.:
You literally do the same things as you did with the sermon. Add an image to the Articles page in the "Learn" section. Clickthrough URL that bad bay to the new "Not Linked" page you need to create for the article. Just copy and paste the article content into your newly named and added Not Linked Page.