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Imagine Missoula

With over 1,200 registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits calling Missoula home, hundreds of Missoulians contribute their time, energy and resources to create a better city every day. This is one of the reasons we love Missoula - our citizens are incredibly generous and believe in the value of helping others.

As we began to respond to the needs of the city we quickly realized a major gap in services. There were many nonprofits that offered institutionalized assistance, but there were very few that actually offered community. We decided to create a nonprofit that sought to help people help each other.

In the summer of 2009 Imagine Missoula was created as a standalone nonprofit - separate from All Souls in terms of organization - but intricately connected in terms of goals and mission. We continue to support Imagine Missoula financially and by helping to raise awareness within All Souls about the needs of our city. One of the best ways you can engage in our mission to renew the city is by volunteering with Imagine Missoula!

To register as a volunteer or learn more about Imagine Missoula, click here.